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For Dew Learning

Here are some additional portfolio links to files that are related to the work I would be doing for Dew Learning. I have more that I can put together, but I wanted to go ahead and get these to you. Thanks!


One-page Profile on John Locklair | DOWNLOAD | 125 KB PDF
This is mostly up-to-date. Provided for a rough overview of experience.

One-page Logo Portfolio | DOWNLOAD | 2 MB PDF
This is just a collection of logos I designed, all in one place.


Drip Drops Style Guide | DOWNLOAD | 25 MB PDF
I was the graphic designer for the Drip Drops project, a new cartoon / toy / merchandising venture currently in production. This is the style guide we created to introduce the characters, plans and vision for the project to investors, manufacturers, and other interested parties. Our team produced all of this from start to finished prototypes in a little over 4 months.

Kookatoo Style Guide | DOWNLOAD | 9.5 MB PDF
I was the graphic designer for a similar, more cartoon television-focused project called Kookatoo. This is the style guide outlining character descriptions, episode synopses, and other pertinent information for promotional purposes. I also designed the Kookatoo website (of course, the ONE bit of Flash I’ve done is on the front page – it is not a Flash site, though).

Belhaven Blazers Athletics Identity Style Guide | DOWNLOAD | 14.5 MB PDF
I was hired to redesign the athletics program identity for the Belhaven Blazers in Birmingham, Alabama. This is the style guide we created to help maintain a consistent image across applications of the new look.


Pete the Posture Parrot Book | COVER | 1.5 MB PDF | BOOK | 7.5 MB PDF
This is a book I designed for a local doctor to help school kids learn good backpack safety and posture habits.

It’s Time for Bed Froggy! | DOWNLOAD | 2.5 MB PDF
This is a children’s book that I am wrapping up in the next week or so.


GFI Babyhood Transitions Book Design | COVER | 1 MB PDF | BOOK |  1 MB PDF
I have designed all publications produced by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo at Growing Families International and Parentwise Publications for the past 6 years. This is one example.

CSU “Transform” Capital Campaign | BROCHURE | 6.7 MB PDF | INSERTS | 6.5 MB PDF
I designed all recruiting print materials (viewbook, junior viewbook, campus guide publications, and other collateral pieces) for Charleston Southern University from 2000 – 2008. I still design publications and brochures for various departments as needed. This is a recent piece I designed to help them raise $40 million dollars for their capital campaign.


I designed A Wonderful Wedding, a 64-page bridal guide from cover to cover for 3 years.
I also designed Carolina Healthcare Business, a 32-page magazine from cover to cover for approximately 6 years. I can provide samples of both of these if desired.